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The Bulk Company Search feature allows you to find business emails of leads and employees from a list of companies. This feature is essential for professionals who possess databases of companies' names or websites. 

1) Import requirements

Files uploaded to the Bulk Company search should meet these criteria:

  1. File Format: Acceptable formats include .csv, .xlsx, or .txt.

  2. Size Limits: The file should not exceed 250,000 rows and should be under 50MB in size. Smaller files and fewer rows result in quicker search times.

  3. Required Columns: The file must include the following specific columns:

    A. Column for "Company Name" - Example entry: "Website"

    B. Column for "Domain" - Example entry: "website.com"

2) Bulk Company search file upload

1- Login to your Skrapp account, open the Bulk tab, and choose ‘Bulk Company Search’ You can access it from your topbar.


2- Click on "+ New Task".


3- On the new page, check the box "Header Included" if your file contains a header.


4- Click on “Drag and drop or select your CSV or Excel file” and select the file of choice from your computer or simply drag the file to the icon mentioned.

5- After the file is successfully uploaded make sure to “select the number of emails to lookup per line” lowest being 1 and highest being 1000 by either dragging the lever or typing in the desired number. It shows below the credit that would be deducted.


6- Also, make sure to “select destination list”

Note: You can select from the existing list or simply create a new one as shown:


7- Click on "Review file".


8- It is now time to map your fields. To ensure compatibility between the original file and your destination list, you will be asked to match the fields on your CSV to those on your Skrapp list.

From every field, select which item matches it best from the drop-down menu.


9- If an item is irrelevant, or if you would like to exclude it, check the box "Skip Column."


10- Click on "Launch."


11- Once the upload is complete, click on "Go to list" to view the final results.



question.png How large can my files be?
Your file should have no more than 250,000 rows, and should not exceed 50MB. It is advised to keep your lists shorter than this limit in order to get faster results. 

question.png An error message states that my list is not correct, how can I fix it?
Make sure that the extension of your file is a CSV, and that your fields are mapped correctly. If you are still facing issues, please reach out to our team for support. 

Need help or have questions? Email us at support@skrapp.io

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