People Search Guide: Finding Prospects From A Global Business Database

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Overview's Email Search Tool is designed to streamline the process of finding business emails, making it an invaluable resource for those aiming to connect with prospects or compile a list of potential contacts. The People Search feature is an integral part of this tool, providing a crucial first step in your outreach efforts.

This functionality serves as a robust, scalable alternative to the Company Search feature and is exclusively accessible to our premium subscribers.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Filter Types

  2. Understanding Search Filters

  3. How People Search Works

Each section of this article is crafted to help you fully leverage the capabilities of the Email Search Tool, ensuring a more targeted and successful approach in your lead generation endeavors.

1) Introduction to Filter Types

The People Search option under Database Search includes five primary filter categories. Each category allows you to use multiple filters that help you make narrow and refine searches. 

Filters Categories:

  1. Lead Search Filters
  2. Company Basic Filters
  3. Company Geographic Filters
  4. Company Revenue Filters
  5. Company Last Funding Filters

First, let’s understand how each search filter works.

Text: Text or keyword-based search works without app-generated suggestions. It involves manually inputting keywords or phrases without the assistance of auto-complete or suggested search terms, for example, names.

Suggestion: This refers to making a search based on predefined labels suggested by the app. The suggestions start populating as you begin typing your inputs, for example, job title and location.

Numerical: This refers to number-based searches like year, revenue, and funding.

Selection: This refers to selecting the input from a pre-defined list of values, such as currency, company type, and headcount range, among others.


2) Understanding Search Filters

A) Lead Search Filters

This includes the following fields to help you define the unique details of a prospect.

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Location


B) Company Basic Filters

This includes the following fields to define company-related details. This option is great for finding targeted leads from specific companies or discovering new leads and companies according to your Ideal Client Profile (ICP).

  • Company (Name or Website)
  • Company Type
  • Industry
  • Specialties
  • Headcount Range
  • Year Founded


C) Company Geographic Filters

This includes the following filters to support narrow searches if you’re looking for region-focused leads.

  • Country
  • City


D) Company Revenue Filters

This includes the following filters to refine your prospect and company search based on company scale and growth.

  • Currency
  • Revenue range minimum in millions
  • Revenue range maximum in millions


E) Company Last Funding Filters

This includes the following filters to refine your prospect and company search based on funding status and growth rate.

  • Year of funding
  • Currency
  • Minimum amount raised in millions
  • Maximum amount raised in millions

3) How People Search Works

Step 1: Go to Database Search and select People Search from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Start by selecting Leads and Company filters to display results. Use the dropdown to show all fields under each filter category.

Step 3: Based on your search criteria, fill in specific or as many filters if you want to narrow down your search results. Hit Search.

Step 4: Once the matching results appear, click Get Email to fetch the work email of contacts relevant to you.

Step 5: You can also choose the Get Emails option to bulk extract all the leads in your chosen format. This feature allows you to select

  • the number of emails you would like to keep
  • the destination list where you want the data to be saved. You can also create a new list by clicking on the New List option

Step 6: Once done, click Save.

Step 7: Click Go to List to view results or New Search to start a new search.



- You can follow the same steps with all the filters if you have multiple search criteria.

- People Search is a new feature and is accessible only for premium accounts as of now.


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