How does a team share email search and verification credits?

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Othmane G.
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Question: How do teams collectively use credits?

Answer:  When you add team members to your subscription, they immediately gain access to the existing email search, email verification, and company search credits in your account. This means that the search credits are shared among all team members.

For instance, let's say your current email search balance shows 100 out of 1000 credits used. When a new team member is added to your account, they will also see a balance of 100/1000. It's important to understand that this balance is collective and not individual.

As any team member, including the newly added one, uses credits, the balance will update accordingly for everyone. So, if the new team member uses 1 credit, the collective balance for the entire team will be updated to 101/1000.

This shared balance approach ensures that all team members have equal access to the search credits and can contribute to the overall usage. Keep in mind that the total credit limit remains the same; it's just distributed among the team members.

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