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Writing a Chrome Store review for is a great way to share your experience and insights with other professionals. For every published review, you receive 250 new email credits in your free or paid account. Here are the steps to submit a review on Chrome Store:

  1. Go to Skrapp’s Chrome page ↗.

  2. Click the ‘Write a review’.
    Review us on Chrome.png

  3. After writing your review, click ‘Post.’
    Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 2.33.39 PM-modified.png

  4. Once you submit the review, please notify us through this form so we can identify your review and process the credits in your account. You can also notify us about your review at 

Note: You can also write a review on G2 and receive an additional 500 credits in your account.

We hope to see your review!

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