Bulk Email Finder: Find emails from your CSV/Excel sheets

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The Bulk Email Finder feature is designed to help you discover business email addresses of leads from your Excel and CSV files efficiently.

Table of Contents

  1. Import Requirements

    • Understand the specifications and format requirements for importing your Excel and CSV files into the Bulk Email Finder.
  2. Bulk Finder Upload Process

    • Step-by-step guide on how to upload your files to the Bulk Email Finder and start the email finding process.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Answers to common questions about using the Bulk Email Finder, troubleshooting tips, and best practices.

1) Import requirements

- File Formats: Ensure your file is in one of the following formats: .csv, .xlsx, or .txt.

- Size and Row Limit: Files should not be larger than 50MB and should contain no more than 250,000 rows. Smaller files with fewer rows will result in quicker search times.

- Essential Columns: Each file must include columns for certain key details:

  • The full name of the lead
  • The company name or company domain

Examples of Mandatory Field Formats:

  • First Name, Last Name, Domain Example: John, Doe, skrapp.io

  • Full Name, Company Name Example: John Doe, Skrapp

  • Full Name, Domain Example: John Doe, skrapp.io

2) Bulk Finder upload

1- Sign in to your Skrapp.io account, click on 'Bulk' in the top menu, and then choose 'Bulk Email Finder' from the dropdown list.

2- Click on "+ New Task".

3- Check the box "Header Included" on the new page if your file contains a header.

4- Select or drag and drop your CSV file.

5- Select ‘destination file/list’

- If you would like to upload a custom list and append the results of the Bulk Finder to it, then make sure to select ‘File’

- If you would like to create a new list on your Skrapp.io dashboard with the results, click on ‘List,’ then select your destination list. You can either choose a pre-existing list or create a new one. To create a new list, type its name and click on ‘New List’

6- After the file is successfully uploaded make sure to click on "Review file".

7- Match your fields for compatibility. You'll be prompted to align the fields in your CSV file with those in your Skrapp list, ensuring they correspond correctly. For each field, choose the most appropriate corresponding item from the drop-down menu to establish this match.


8- If an item is irrelevant, or if you would like to exclude it, check the box "Skip Column".


9- Once done, click on "Launch."

10- Once the upload is complete, click "Go to list" to view the final results.


Full video tutorial available here.



question.png How large can my files be?
Your file should have at most 250,000 rows and should be at most 50MB. It is advised to keep your lists shorter than this limit in order to get faster results. 

question.png An error message states that my list is not correct, how can I fix it?
Make sure that the extension of your file is a CSV, and that your fields are mapped correctly. If you are still facing issues, please reach out to our team for support. 

Need help or have questions? Email us at support@skrapp.io. 



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