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When you first log into Skrapp, or sign up for a new account, you'll be taken directly to your Skrapp dashboard. This dashboard serves as the central hub for all your activities on the platform.


1) Understanding the Dashboard

Your dashboard is designed to be a comprehensive interface where you can effortlessly manage your account, organize your leads, and utilize email research and verification tools.


2) Key Features of the Dashboard:

1- Account Management: The left panel of your dashboard provides a quick overview of important account details:

    • Current Subscription Plan: Easily view the plan you're currently subscribed to.
    • Credit Balance: Displayed in the format 'Credits used / Total credits purchased to date'. This helps you keep track of your credit usage and remaining balance.
    • Lists for Leads: This section is crucial for lead management. Here, you can create and organize multiple lists to categorize and manage your leads effectively for different projects.


2- Navigating the Top Panel of Your Skrapp Dashboard

In addition to the left panel, your Skrapp dashboard is equipped with a top panel that enhances your user experience with easy access to various tools.

Features of the Top Panel:

  1. Toolbox Access: This section is your gateway to all the essential Email Finders and related tools available on Skrapp. Here’s what you can access:

    • Database Search: Both People Search and Company Search options are available, allowing you to search for company information, and prospects at different scales. 
    • Email Finder: A feature that facilitates targeted email searches for individual contacts or in larger batches.
    • Email Verifier: A feature designed to validate the accuracy of the email addresses you've gathered.
    • Bulk: Perform email search and verification in bulk from Excel and CSV files. 
    • Integrations: Discover various integrations that can streamline your workflow.
    • Extensions: Explore available browser extensions that can enhance your experience with Skrapp.
    • Pricing Information: Easily access pricing details for different Skrapp services directly from the dashboard.


3- Settings: Click on your account name to access:

  • Upgrade Account: Leads to the pricing page to discover plans and offers. 
  • Account Settings: Access your settings to uncover additional information about your account and update your details. Information includes your login email, name, plan, next billing date, and API key. 
  • Team Settings: Add or delete your team members in one click.
  • Billing: View your current subscription, manage it, and access all your invoices from your billing settings. 
  • Help Center: Leads to the support center.



4- List and Prospects Management on Your Skrapp Dashboard

Effectively managing your prospects is a critical part of leveraging the Skrapp platform. The dashboard simplifies this process with intuitive list and lead management features.

Key Functionalities for Managing Lists and Leads:

  1. Accessing Prospects within a List:

    • To view the prospects you have saved, simply click on a list.
    • This action will display the list on your central panel, where you can see detailed information for each lead. This includes the lead's full name, job title, company name, business email address, and their email verification status.
  2. Reviewing and Editing a Prospect Details:

    • By selecting a specific lead, you can expand their details, revealing both the lead’s personal professional data and information about their company.
    • You have the option to edit this information or delete the lead entirely, straight from your list.
  3. Additional Management Tools:

    • List Download: Export your lists in Excel or CSV formats for external use or further analysis.
    • List Search: Easily find specific leads or information within your lists using the search functionality.


For more information: Manage your lists and leads


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