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FAQ: Credits Roll Over Policy

Understanding Credit Rollover in Premium Accounts

With a premium account, you have the added benefit of your credits never expiring. This feature, known as credit rollover, ensures that any credits you buy are not just preserved but also accumulated over time.

How Does Credit Rollover Work?

  1. Automatic Credit Addition: Any new credits purchased are added to any existing balance you have. This means your credit balance only increases.
  2. Continual Accumulation: Credits roll over indefinitely, allowing you to build a significant balance without the worry of losing them.

When Does Credit Rollover Apply?

  • Automatic Subscription Renewal: Whether your premium account renews monthly or yearly, the rollover feature applies.
  • Upon Subscription Upgrade: If you decide to upgrade your subscription, any existing credits will carry over to your new premium plan.

Maximizing Your Credit Balance This system is especially advantageous as it allows you to accumulate credits. You won't lose any of the credits you've previously purchased, giving you the flexibility to use them as needed without the pressure of a looming expiration date.

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