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Lists on function similarly to files, acting as storage for all the email addresses and business information you gather through the platform's lead generation tools.

1) Creating New Lists

The ability to create multiple lists is key to efficiently organizing your various projects. Here’s how you can create a new list:

  1. Accessing Your Lists: Your existing lists are conveniently located in the left panel of your dashboard.

  2. Creating a List: To start a new list, simply click on the green "+ New List" button found in this panel.

To find all of your leads, scroll up and down in the list section, or search for a specific list by clicking on the loupe.png icon.

2) Navigating Various List Options

Once you have your lists set up, there are several functionalities available to enhance your list management experience.

  1. List Search:

    • This feature allows you to swiftly find leads within your list. You can search by various criteria such as the lead’s name, company name, or job title. This is particularly useful when managing extensive lists.
  2. Download Your List:

    • You have the option to download your lists in CSV or Excel formats. This is handy for offline analysis or integration with other tools.
    • Additionally, you can apply filters to your download, such as selecting leads based on their verification statuses, to tailor the data to your specific needs.
  3. Delete List:

    • If you need to remove a list from your dashboard, the 'Delete List' option allows you to do so. It’s a straightforward process to keep your dashboard organized and focused on current projects.


3) Managing Individual Leads

In addition to managing lists, provides tools for you to directly interact with and modify the details of individual leads. This is crucial for keeping your lead information accurate and up-to-date.

  1. Editing a Lead's Data:

    • To begin editing a lead's information, first locate the lead in your list and click on it.
    • Once selected, navigate to the "Edit lead information" button, which you'll find on the right panel of your dashboard.
    • Here, you can modify various details of the lead, such as their name, job title, company name, email address, and more.
  2. Saving Updated Information:

    • After making the necessary changes or updates to a lead’s information, it is important to save these changes.
    • Ensure all updates are retained by clicking on the "Save information" button. This action confirms the edits and updates the lead's profile in your list.

4) Deleting Leads from Your List

There may be occasions when certain leads no longer serve your project or business needs. provides a straightforward process for removing these leads from your lists.

  1. Selecting the Lead to Delete:

    • To delete a lead, first locate the specific lead within your list.
    • Select the row that corresponds to the lead you wish to remove. This action typically highlights the row, indicating that it has been selected.
  2. Deleting the Lead:

    • Once the lead is selected, look for the "Delete" button. This is usually located underneath the name of your list on your dashboard.
    • Click on this "Delete" button to remove the selected lead from your list.

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