How to Get Started on a Free Trial?

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Question: Can I Start Using for Free and What Does the Free Plan Include?

Answer: Absolutely! You can begin using right away with our Free Plan as soon as you sign up. Here's what you can expect with the Free Plan:

  1. Immediate Access: Once you sign up on, you gain instant access to all our Email Finder tools and the Email Verifier.

  2. Monthly Credits: The Free Plan provides you with:

    1. 100 free Email Search credits every month.

    2. 200 free Email Verificaton credits every month.

    3. 50 Company Search credits every month.

  3. Some Limitations: While you have access to all the core functionalities, the Free Plan comes with a few restrictions in terms of usage limits and access to certain advanced features.

These credits are renewed automatically at the end of each billing cycle, allowing you to continue enjoying our services without interruption.


This plan is a great way to experience what has to offer and understand how our tools can benefit your email outreach and verification needs. If you find that you require more credits or wish to access additional features, you can always upgrade to one of our premium plans.


Overview Of the Free Plan Options and Restrictions:

check__2_.png 100 Email Search Credits / Month
check__2_.png 200 Email Verification Credits / Month
check__2_.png 50 Company Search Credits / Month
check__2_.png Access to basic Email Search features
check__2_.png Access to Email Verification Features
check__2_.png List creation
close.png People Search
close.png Automatic Linkedin and Sales Navigator Scrapping Pagination
close.png Team Options
close.png List Downloads
close.png Automatic Duplicate Cleaning
close.png Credit Roll-Over. 


You are encouraged to try the tools as much as possible during your Free Trial. 

In order to unlock other premium features, you can upgrade at any time to a paid subscription


Discover the Various Types of Credits in Our Support Article: What are credits?

Need help or have questions? Email us at 

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