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FAQ: Understanding Skrapp.io Credits and How They Work


Q: What are Skrapp.io credits and what operations do they support?

A: Skrapp.io credits are the currency used within the Skrapp.io platform, facilitating a range of operations from email searching to email verification. These credits are categorized into three types: Email Search Credits, Email Verification Credits, and Company Search Credits.


Q: Can you explain the different categories of Skrapp.io credits?

  1. Email Search Credits: These are used to find email addresses using the email finder tool, LinkedIn integration, or the people search feature.

  2. Email Verification Credits: These credits are specifically for verifying the validity of email addresses. These credits can be used in Skrapp.io Email Verifier.

Q: How can I track my consumption of Skrapp.io credits?

A: You can easily monitor your usage of Skrapp.io credits. This information is displayed on your web dashboard, directly under your name in the left panel, within your account settings, or in the sidebar.


Important Notes:

  • Email Verification as Part of Email Search: When an email is found, its verification status is provided. In this scenario, email verification credits are not used, as it is part of the email search process.

  • Credit Consumption: Credits are consumed only when you successfully find an email address, verify an email address, or complete a company search.

  • No Credit Consumption for Duplicates: If you find or verify a duplicate email, or search for the same company/individual more than once, no credits are consumed. This ensures efficient use of your resources.

This system ensures a fair and efficient use of resources, allowing users to maximize their Skrapp.io experience.




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