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In this article, we'll walk you through the process of inviting other Skrapp.io users to join your team, facilitating seamless collaboration and enhanced productivity.

1) Choose your desired team volume 

Each premium plan includes a specific number of user seats. For detailed information on seat allocation and plan specifics, please refer to our pricing page.

Existing premium account holders can view their current team member count in the team settings section, which is further explained below.

2) Add Team Members

As a premium account holder, you are considered the Team Manager of your organization.
Any user who joins your team will be called a Team Member. 

To add Team Members: 

1- Ask your colleagues to create free accounts by signing up from here

2- Log into your premium Skrapp account. 

3- Head to your "Team Settings" by clicking on the gear icon next to your name on the left panel of your Skrapp dashboard.

4- Click on the blue "+ Add a team member" button. Type in the login email of your colleagues in the field that shows up, then click on the "+ Add member" green button.

5- Your new Team Member will appear on your team list.

6- Ask your colleagues to refresh their dashboards, they will find that their user interface has been updated with the team's balance, and they will have access to all premium features. 

3) Delete Team Members

You can delete your Team Members at any time. This will put them back on the Free Plan and they will not have access to your shared balance anymore or to the premium features.

The deleted Team Members will still hold on to any lists or leads they have previously saved. To delete a member: 

  1. Go to your team settings.
  2. Locate the member you want to take out of your team. 
  3. Click on the "Delete" button next to their email. 

4) Team Members Statuses

4-1) Manager

Every team has one Manager, who is the holder of the premium account and can do the following:

check__1_.png Manage subscription and access billing. 
check__1_.png Access and download invoices.
check__1_.png View, add, and delete team members.
check__1_.png Access to premium features. 
check__1_.png Access to a shared pool of credits.

4-2) Member

Team members collectively share the same email search, email verification, and company search balance, and can only do the following:

close.png Manage subscription and access billing. 
close.png Access and download invoices.
check__1_.png View team members.
check__1_.png Access to premium features. 
check__1_.png Access to a shared pool of credits.

To learn more about how credits are used among team members, you can refer to the following article: How Does a Team Use Email Search and Verification Credits?

5) FAQ

Q: Can members of the same team access each other's lists?
A: No, the lists created are private to every team member, no one besides them can view or edit them. 

Q: My colleague holds a premium account, can I add them to my team?
A: No, only users with free plans can be added to your team. However, please feel free to reach out to our support center to arrange the matter. 

Q: What happens if I delete a Team Member from my team?
A: When you delete a member from your team, they are downgraded to the Free Plan and lose all their premium feature accesses. They will however keep all the lists and leads they have saved up to that moment. 


Need help or have questions? Email us at support@skrapp.io

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