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Improve your lead generation process by incorporating the Skrapp Email Finder into your strategy. This dynamic tool empowers you and your team to efficiently generate leads and obtain their business email addresses directly from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator (LI/SN).

Table of Contents

  1. Installing the Chrome Extension

  2. Gathering Emails from LinkedIn/Sales Navigator

  3. Organizing and Managing Your Collected Leads

This guide will walk you through each step of the process, from installation to lead management, ensuring you maximize the potential of the Email Finder for your lead generation needs.

1) Install the Skrapp Email Finder Chrome extension

1- Head to the Chrome Extension Install Page

2- Click on "Add to Chrome"

3- Once complete, you will be redirected to the success page of the download. Then click on the extension-icon.png icon and pin the extension to your menu bar.

2) Find emails from LinkedIn/Sales Navigator

Option 1: Linkedin or Sales Navigator Search Pages

You have the ability to quickly export leads displayed on your search result pages from both LinkedIn and Sales Navigator directly to your lists in just a few seconds.

Proceed by following these steps: 

1- Launch your Chrome browser.

2- Sign into your and LinkedIn/Sales Navigator accounts.

3- Start a search using your chosen keyword(s) and then click on the "People" tab in the search results for the free version of Linkedin, or "Leads" tab for Sales Navigator. 

4- Click on the extension icon Screen_Shot_2021-05-31_at_14.04.22.png to launch the export.

5- Choose the target list where all your leads will be stored. If you haven't created a list yet, you can easily make one right from the window by entering its name.

6- Move the page slider to the right to increase the number of pages to export. You can export a maximum of 20 pages at a time.

Note:This option is available to premium accounts only.

7- Depending on your preferences, toggle the "Search for email addresses" and "Save leads with found emails only" options on or off, and then click on "Launch Email Finder."

8- Your export will launch instantly, showing you the email-finding process in real time.
Please do not close your window or your tab until the export is complete.

9- Once the export is complete, the Email Finder extension will automatically place you on the latest page of your export. You can then either go back to your Skrapp list to find your results or launch another export from the latest page you have stopped in.

play-button.png Full video tutorial available here.

Option 2: Linkedin and Sales Navigator Profiles

Save your time on your lead generation and find the business emails of your prospects as you go. You can save their business information while you are visiting their profiles in one click. 

1- Log into both your Skrapp and LI/SN accounts. 

2- Navigate to a Linkedin profile. 

3- Click on the blue icon of the extension on your menu bar.

4- Once the pop-up with the lead's data appears, choose your list, then click on "Save."

play-button.png Full video tutorial available here.

Option 3:  Sales Navigator Lists

You can directly extract and find emails from profiles that are saved in your Sales Navigator lists:

1- Log into both your and Sales Navigator accounts. 

2- Access your Lead Lists on Sales Navigator then open a list you have previously created. 

3- Click on the Chrome extension icon Screen_Shot_2021-05-31_at_14.04.22.png on your menu bar.

4- Select your list and launch the operation, just as explained in the section above.

play-button.png Full video tutorial available here.

3) Manage your found leads

Once your exports are done, go to your dashboard to see all the saved prospects in their specific lists. From there, you can download your leads and their business data as CSV/Excel files, edit them, send emails, and more.

For more details about how to manage your lists, head to this article

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