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Overview is a versatile extension designed to facilitate lead generation as you browse. It enables you to quickly identify employees and their email addresses with just one click while you visit the websites of your target organizations. This extension is conveniently available for both Chrome and Firefox users.

Table of Contents

  1. Step 1: Installing Skrapp Enrich on Your Browser

  2. Step 2: Finding Emails from Company Websites

Each section in this article will guide you through setting up and using the extension, making your lead generation process more streamlined and effective.

Step 1: Install Skrapp on your browser

Google Chrome:

1- Open your Chrome browser. 

2- Head to the Google Chrome Extension Page and click on "Add to Chrome."

3- Click on "Add extension" on the pop-up window.

4- A new pop-up window will notify you once the installation is complete. Lock your Skrapp Enrich icon to your extension menu by clicking on the extension-icon.png icon next to your search bar, then on the pin icon.

firefox.png Mozilla Firefox

1- Open your Mozilla Firefox browser. 

2- Head to the Firefox Add-on Page.

3- Click on "Add to Firefox"

4- Click on "Add" on the pop-up window. Once done, a new pop-up window will notify you that the extension has been added.


5- Pin the extension to the toolbar for easier access.


Step 2: Find emails from company websites

Visit the website of any company and click on the Screen_Shot_2021-04-29_at_12.05.19.png icon of your extension icon.


When you use the extension, a pop-up window will appear displaying a list of lead employees at the company. This list will include their names, job positions, and locations (such as country, state, or city).

To see these profiles in more detail, click on "View results in Web Application," which will redirect you to your dashboard.

From there, you can easily save your prospective leads and their business emails to your list.

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