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Email verification is integrated into all email search features as well as email verification features. This article provides an in-depth look at the process of email verification, its outcomes, and additional checks. 

1) Glossary:

  • Email Verification: This is the process of checking whether an email address is valid and actually exists.
  • Catch-all: Refers to an email server configured to accept all incoming emails, irrespective of the recipient's existence.
  • Disposable: A temporary email address, often used for a short duration and not intended for long-term communication.

2) Verification Outcomes:

  • Valid: The email address is confirmed as valid and reachable.
  • Catch-All: The email address is potentially risky, often because it is part of a catch-all email server. However, sending emails to this address is still possible.
  • Invalid: This status indicates that the email address is invalid and unreachable, due to various reasons like:
    • The domain is not linked to an active email server.
    • The recipient does not exist on the email server.
    • The email address has an incorrect syntax.
  • Unknown: In some cases, the email's status remains unresolved, often due to the email server connectivity or configuration issues.

3) Delayed Outcome:

  • When using tools like the Extension or Bulk Email Finder, verification is not immediate due to the time it takes (over 5 seconds per email). Therefore, a temporary status of 'pending' is used to indicate that the email's verification outcome is yet to be determined. This approach ensures the email search process is not hindered by the verification process.

4) Additional Verification Checks:

  • Syntax: This initial check verifies the format of the email (e.g., test@skrapp is an example of incorrect syntax).
  • Role: This check identifies if an email address is role-based, typically linked to a department or entire company rather than an individual (e.g., support@skrapp.io).
  • Gibberish: It checks for email addresses that seem randomly generated (e.g., lgfnkgfig@skrapp.io).
  • Disposable: Identifies email addresses from disposable mail servers, usually employed for temporary sign-ups and not recommended for outreach lists. Learn more about Disposable Email Addresses.
  • Free: Checks if an email address uses a free email service provider like Gmail or Yahoo (e.g., john@gmail.com).

5) FAQ:

Q: Is the Email Verifier a Free Service?

A: Yes, our Email Verifier is a free tool accessible to all users. With a free account, you're allocated 200 email verification credits each month, allowing you to check the validity of numerous email addresses without any cost.


Q: Understanding the Email Verifier's Functionality

A: The Email Verifier conducts a comprehensive check to ensure the accuracy of email addresses. This process includes validating the email format, identifying disposable or temporary emails, detecting nonsensical email addresses, and finally, verifying the existence of the email recipient by connecting to their email server.


Q: What if I Verify the Same Email More Than Once?

A: We've designed our system to be fair and economical – verifying the same email address multiple times will only consume a single credit. Our system tracks each email verification to prevent redundant usage of your credits.


Understanding these aspects of email verification can significantly enhance your email campaign's effectiveness and efficiency. For any further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Need help or have questions? Email us at support@skrapp.io.

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