How to Safely Use The Linkedin Chrome Extension?

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Question: What are the limitations imposed by LinkedIn on profile scraping?

Answer: LinkedIn imposes unofficial restrictions on profile scraping, and these limits vary based on the type of LinkedIn account you have. Notably, free Linkedin accounts may face a higher risk of being blocked if engaged in extensive scraping activities. To avoid any issues, users should not exceed the following daily limits based on their account type:

  • LinkedIn Basic (Free) Account: Limit of scraping up to 200 profiles per day.
  • LinkedIn Premium Account: A higher limit, allowing for scraping up to 1,000 profiles per day.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter: For users with this account, the limit is set at 1,000 profiles per day.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Allows scraping up to 2,500 profiles per day.

It's crucial to respect these limits to ensure compliance with LinkedIn's usage policies and avoid potential account restrictions.

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