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In this article, we'll explore how the Email Verifier tool can enhance the effectiveness of your email campaigns. By verifying the quality of your email addresses, this tool significantly reduces bounce rates, empowering you to achieve more reliable and controlled results in your email marketing efforts.

A) How to verify an email address:

1- Login to your Skrapp account, hover over the Email Verifier, and choose the Unit Email Verifier. You can access it from your top bar.


2- Add an email to the Unit Email Verifier then click on "Verify" to find to launch the tool.


B) How to verify a list of email addresses:

1- Select the ‘Bulk Email Verifier’ from the ‘Bulk’ tab drop-down menu at the top bar.


2- Click on "+ New task."


3- You can either copy and paste the emails to the text window or drag and drop a file with the emails as CSV/Excel.


4- Once the data or the file are successfully added, click on “Launch”.


5- Once the task is complete, click on “Download”  to check your result file. You can also click “New task” or “Go to tasks” if needed.


C) Results:

For a comprehensive understanding of the various outcomes of email verification, you can consult the following article: Email Verification Statuses

This resource offers detailed explanations about the different statuses and meanings associated with email verification, providing valuable insights for your knowledge.



Q: Is the Email Verifier a Free Service?

A: Yes, our Email Verifier is a free tool accessible to all users. With a free account, you're allocated 200 email verification credits each month, allowing you to check the validity of numerous email addresses without any cost.


Q: Understanding the Email Verifier's Functionality

A: The Email Verifier conducts a comprehensive check to ensure the accuracy of email addresses. This process includes validating the email format, identifying disposable or temporary emails, detecting nonsensical email addresses, and finally, verifying the existence of the email recipient by connecting to their email server.


Q: What if I Verify the Same Email More Than Once?

A: We've designed our system to be fair and economical – verifying the same email address multiple times will only consume a single credit. Our system tracks each email verification to prevent redundant usage of your credits.


Need help or have questions? Email us at support@skrapp.io.

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