Company Search Guide: How to Find Email Addresses of Contacts in Various Companies

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The Company Search feature allows you to discover business data on professionals by entering a company name or website URL. 

1) How to find leads using company search:

1- Log in to your Skrapp account, navigate to Database Search on the top left, and select ‘Company Search’ from the dropdown menu.

2- Type the Company Name or Website URL you’re looking for. Click on the specific result from the company suggestions appearing in the dropdown. 


3- After selecting a company result, your leads will be displayed in the following format:

  • First Name
  • The first letter of the Last Name (the full name is revealed when you save the lead to a list)
  • Job Title
  • Location

Note: You can either save the results as bulk by clicking on the ‘Get Emails’ button or save specific email results by clicking the ‘Save in List’ option available next to each lead.


4- You can click ‘Load More Leads’ to expand the number of leads from the searched company.

2) How to save leads individually to your list:

1- Save individual email results by clicking the ‘Save in List’ option available next to each lead.


2- Choose the desired list from the dropdown where you want your leads to be added, or enter a new name to create a new list. Then, click ‘Save’.


3- Click the ‘Get Emails’ option.

4- Select the number of emails you wish to save by typing a number or dragging the slider. 

5- Next, choose an existing destination list from the dropdown or create a new list following the same steps.

6- Go to your list in the left panel to access your saved leads.


  • This feature is paid and 1 company search credits.
  • This policy does not apply to the company "suggestions", suggesting companies remain free on company search and unit email finder.

Watch the play-button.png video tutorial to see how to find leads using company search.

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